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Carrier pigeon, horseback mail, telegraph and smoke signals. We have come a long way with communications as the human race. There’s a wide variety of methods for you to get in touch with Kerston Foods and we love to hear from you. With one caveat – if you want to place an order then please go directly to our 

Online Ordering page. 

We at Kerston Foods feel strongly about embracing technology and encouraging our customers to sign up to our Online Ordering platform, which is a service provided by our partners at Foodsupply. Receiving customer orders directly from the online system results in greater efficiency. There is reduced human error by our internal sales team not having to interpret exactly what the customer wants from emails, calls or WhatsApp messages.

This translates to happier 
customers getting exactly what they have ordered themselves online, in a quicker fashion too. Our online ordering system also helps the planet by reducing the need for printing and paperwork from team to team at Kerston Foods.  But if we canconvince you to love the digital world, then you can still contact us on any of the methods provided below.

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