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COVID-19 Protocols

We are committed to the health, safety and security of our staff, suppliers, customers and all those who interact with our business. Please see below for the protocols that have been put in place at Kerston Foods.

Kerston Foods COVID-19 Workplace Protocols

1. We have formed a Covid-19 Committee, headed by the Covid-19 Compliance Officer, who is mandated to ensure that all regulations set out by government as well as internal safety protocols are adhered to at all times.

2. We have undertaken various training programmes with all staff to ensure that there is understanding around the dangers of Covid-19, the need to comply with social distancing, mask wearing and hand washing guidelines.

3. We have provided all staff with the necessary PPE equipment as well as training on how to use these items.

4. We have amended our delivery procedure to customers to ensure that all necessary protocols are being maintained.

5.  All staff undergo a detailed screening on arrival at work each day.

6. We have identified and labelled high risk areas and equipment within the business and have implemented additional hygiene measures to mitigate the risk of infection via these areas / items.

7. We have reduced all non-essential movement of staff between internal departments.

8. We have reduced all non-essential visitors into our building and have implemented alternate methods of doing business with affected parties.