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Corporate Social Responsibility

Kerston Foods is passionate about supporting families and giving back to the communities around us, which is something that is reflected in our CSI efforts. We feel particularly strongly about assisting children in need, which is what has led us to selecting the majority of the NGOs that we work with. These include:

Nceda Phambili

Nceda Phambili NPO was established in 2015 to support the children from the previously known Boucher House, which was started by Johan and Elizma Boucher in 2007. Sadly both Johan and Elizma Boucher have since passed away, but a loving couple, John & Joanne Schultz, have offered to foster the Boucher house children. They consider the children to be part of their family and want to empower the children to become balanced, happy and functional members of society where they too can use the gifts and talents God has given them to make a difference in the lives of others.

The aim of the Nceda Phambili NPO committee is to support John and Joanne Schultz with the huge task of raising these 6 precious children. Kerston Foods currently makes a monthly donation towards costs of hiring one carer for the family, as well as donating a monthly food parcel. We also treat the children to spending money at Christmas time every year.


Woodside Special Care Centre

This residential home situated in Rondebosch East currently cares for 80 intellectually and physically disabled residents.

Woodside was one of the first charities that Kerston Foods identified, and we began by donating stock that we were unable to sell, eventually progressing to adding a monthly food parcel. For the past three years, Kerston Foods has also contributed towards the daily care of three of the disabled children who reside at Woodside. These children are beneficiaries of a trust that Kerston Foods set up.

St Lukes Hospice

St Lukes Combined Hospices provide specialised end-of-life medical, nursing, and psycho-social care, known as palliative care, to people with life-limiting illnesses.

Kerston Foods believes that St Lukes Combined Hospices service a great need within the community and provide unparalleled support to families dealing with cancer, which is why we’ve supported their annual Tree Of Lights campaign since 2001.



National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI)

Sea Rescue is a charity staffed by volunteers who are on call, day and night. Their goal is to prevent drowning through education, preventative measures, and through rescue.

As we are based in the Western Cape, we feel that it is only fitting that we support an organisation that works so closely with the ocean, not only saving lives, but changing lives and creating futures at the same time.


The Bumble Bee Fund

The Bumble Bee Fund strives to improve the quality of life of disabled children by enhancing their mobility and independence through the provision of mobility aids.

Kerston Foods makes an annual donation to this fund through their Cape Town Cycle Tour fundraiser.

The Cape Cystic Fibrosis Association

This registered NPO has three main objectives: to provide emotional support to the families of children diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, to promote early detection of CF in an effort to have a positive impact on the progression of the disorder, and to ensure that all those with CF receive proper treatment.

This cause is close to our hearts, and as a result, Kerston Foods has taken on board the management of the financial affairs of the association as a pro bono offering. Kerston Foods also provides food parcels to needy families that visit the Red Cross CF Clinic. Kerston Foods also assists with fundraising efforts where possible. We also recently employed the parent of a CF patient to ensure that they are better able to take care of their child’s needs.

Meals on Wheels

MoW assists a large community of hungry children and adults in an economic climate that’s making it more and more difficult for MoW to source donations.

As a result, Kerston Foods have donated items for the MoW annual Christmas goodie bags for the past three years. These are handed out to 100 senior citizens at their annual year-end function. Kerston Foods has also recently started donating short-dated and shop-soiled stock to MoW for use in their feeding schemes.