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With so many food distribution companies out there, you might be left wondering why you should choose Kerston Foods, and what sets us apart from the rest? Here’s just a quick look at why our clients love us and what makes Kerston Foods unique.

Our biggest selling point – apart from our wide range of superior products at affordable prices – is the fact that we’re committed to going above and beyond to make sure that our clients come back for seconds (like one should at the end of every hearty meal!)

We stay abreast of changing food trends

As well as ensuring that we stay ahead of rapidly changing food trends, Kerston Foods has an exclusive team that’s devoted solely to sourcing any product request our clients may have – regardless of how exotic or fanciful that request may be! From caviar and truffles to Durian fruit and mangosteen, no item is too far out and our team will do their best to track it down, just for you. We’re devoted to staying ahead of the pack and constantly monitor and increase our stock holding accordingly to ensure that our loyal clients have access to only the very best.

We’re focused on food and family

These extreme measures and efforts to keep our clients happy stems from the fact that we consider our clients a part of the Kerston Foods family – and at Kerston Foods, food is all about family! We pride ourselves on the fact that we’re both a family-owned and -run organisation. Did you know that our dedicated team is partly made up of various members of 10 separate families? By working in this way, we find that we’re able to support our staff in a very meaningful way and we find that our team have high levels of job satisfaction, which is evident in the relationships that our team have built with our clients. We love what we do – and it shows!

We’re always on time

When you place an order with Kerson Foods, you can rest assured that you’ll receive your delivery on time, every time.

Empowering families and exceeding expectations with a wide range of top quality food products at affordable prices – all delivered on time – is what makes Kerston Foods stand out from all the rest. Our aim is to become your most trusted business partner, ensuring that you offer your clients only the very best produce. All while we ensure that you stay on top of emerging trends, helping you to grow your business at the same time.